Shopping Consignment 101- Rhea Lana’s

TOYS, TOYS and more TOYS!!!!
TOYS, TOYS and more TOYS!!!!

Now that I have shopped a few consignments, spoken with friends and family, I have come up with tips for easy shopping at consignment sales like Rhea Lana’s. I’ve documented my experience with Rhea Lana’s here and in our online community here. You can join our Facebook Group here if you have not become a member already.  

On to business of shopping consignment……

Here’s a few tips that’ll help ensure that your consignment experience is a good one!

Halloween is right around the corner and costumes are a must have in the fall.
Halloween is right around the corner and costumes are a must have in the fall.
  1. Find a baby sitter. Although our little ones are welcome inside, I wouldn’t recommend bringing any infants and toddlers. That’s probably my most helpful and personal favorite tip. 
  2. Take a large sturdy shopping bag with handles- if not a large bag then take your stroller in to pile your stash. I’ve seen people take wagons. Some locations do not provide buggies and even when they do they usually GO really fast. I am stressing: BYOB – bring your own bag!
  3. Know what you’re shopping for – otherwise you might just get lost! No seriously, you have to have a “legit” agenda.                                                                                                             FOR EXAMPLE: I know that my oldest daughter needs jeans. I’m specifically looking for Miss Me and Justice jeans. My baby girl needs fall church items and more 2t fall shirts. Lastly, I know that my baby son needs items for church, size 18 month shirts and jeans for the fall.  I’m specifically hunting down the Ralph Lauren shirts and Levi jeans for my boy.
  4. Set a budget. Having an agenda WORKS. it helps you stay on task and it can force you to NOT overspend.
  5. Become a super mom. Visit their site for more info. If you do that, you get to shop early and get first dibs on all of the good stuff!
  6. Beware of recalls when shopping for toys, strollers etcetera. 
  7. Beware of shrinkage and wash wear. Some clothes/brands run small and shrink after they are washed. Familiarize yourself with brands that are prone to do just that. Even if you buy the right size and it has been washed, it could possibly be too small for your little one. Seriously, watch out for that.
  8. Inspect items thoroughly before buying. Sometimes the lighting isn’t the best. You’ll need at the event’s location with good light to thoroughly inspect all of your items.  Make sure that your findings aren’t missing any buttons and zippers. I’d hate for you to get home and find a hole or a stain.
What boy doesn't need more socks? 
What boy doesn’t need more socks? 

How about you? Do you have any tips for shopping consignment? I am definitely open to more ideas on how to get the best out of each consignment experience. The Rhea Lana’s difference has significantly impacted my family’s budget and bottom line.

Shop/Consign the Conway event in Arkansas, July 31 – August 6 and the Greater Little Rock event in Arkansas, August 21-27. Check out their site today for dates and deadlines to consign

Remember: YOU GOT THIS!

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy, 

Cushena Scott, Co-founder of Mommying and More


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