I’ve changed my shopping habits – Consignment Edition

I’ve always been a somewhat of a penny-pincher. After my second child, I became eager to lock in multiple ways to save. However, it took baby number 3 to strike a real frugal fire in me. I’ve become obsessed with saving money. 

My cousin Ashley and my sister-in-law, co-founder of this site, Eyona are “natural-born-pros” when it comes to the consignment lifestyle. Shopping Rhea Lana’s consignment events have been the topic of our parenting conversation for some time, now. Yet, I didn’t give it a fighting chance until my last baby came along. 

Everything you need for your baby!
Everything you need for your baby!

I’ll never forget my first time shopping Rhea Lana’s!! I was in HOG heaven as my grandmother would say! What is this Rhea Lana’s, I am speaking of? Rhea Lana’s is a consignment event hosted in 24 states with nearly 80 events happening twice a year for fall/winter and spring/summer.  Moms are encouraged to resell their children’s gently used items and then in turn can shop these events for quality items at an inexpensive price. Just to be clear: Moms can make money and save money. It’s the best of both worlds! 

If Heaven were a consignment event - Rhea Lana's
If Heaven were a consignment event – Rhea Lana’s

It was an incredible experience and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

I’m obsessed with good customer service.  I have found myself thoroughly impressed with the Rhea Lana staff.  They were all so knowledgable and helpful with my shopping experience. To be honest with you, they reminded me of Chic-Fil-A employees. If you know me, then you know that  I respect good ole southern hospitality.

You can redecorate your child's room.
You can redecorate your child’s room.

I am Hooked on Consignment

I literally attend every single event. Because of learning about consignment events, I can resist the urge to shop at most retail stores. You got it – I do not have the urge to shop for my children at ANY retail store for clothes. There are many items for children at these events that serve my family’s needs.  

How do you save money for your family? Have you stopped consignment sales? Shopping Rhea Lana’s has become somewhat become a fun game to me – get the best quality clothes at the the best price! I know I win every time. Check out my tips later today on how to best shop at these events.

Shop/Consign the Conway event in Arkansas, July 31 – August 6 (going on now) and the Greater Little Rock event in Arkansas, August 21-27. Check out their site today for dates and deadlines to consign

Remember: YOU GOT THIS!

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy, 

Cushena Scott, Co-founder of Mommying and More

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