Organized Shopping with Consignment Sales (Part 2)

When you go into a department and boutique stores there are pretty aesthetics, the most expensive items are in the front and the window treatments draw you in with their attractive displays. This is not what consignment shopping looks like but I guarantee you that you can and will find the same items for a fraction of the price. Organized shopping with Rhea Lana’s helps you come out with the best outcome of low spending and buying only what you need.

Organized shopping makes sure your do not over spend and over buy. How many times have you bought your child clothes, only to find that its no longer the size she/he wears or when you purchased you child toys for christmas that they broke or lost the same day. Even better, how about when they jus refused to wear it or play with it? Organized shopping at consignment sales can help you fight and win this battle.

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Rhea Lana’s is a children’s consignment event where families can resale their gently used clothes or shop for gently used clothes that have come from other families who are selling them at the event in your local community. There is an event going on right now in Jacksonville, Arkansas through the end of the week.

I have 2 boys and 1 girl. It may be cold today but I know like many of you know that it is time to start getting ready for spring. Once you have cleaned out the closets it time to get your list of needs together. 

Here is a list of items I know I need for my children:


  • name brand basketball shorts – teenagers “breathe” name brand anything
  • name brand t-shirts with few graphics – my teen like simplicity except when it comes to shoes
  • name brand jeans – these are a necessity all year round
  • knee length Khaki shorts – he wears these during the summer and I know he likes them
  • Polo brand shirts – we love these because they are timeless and never go out of style
  • swimming trunks – at least 2 pair
  • Khaki pants – he needs school clothes and something for Easter

10 Year Old

  • graphic shirts – name brand doesn’t matter but Mind Craft and Legos do {insert any other dorky things that interest 10 year olds}
  • basketball shorts – name brand because it matters to brother and dad – I try to please where I can
  • Khaki shorts – he hates them but we need more than basketball shorts
  • jean shorts – name brand does not matter
  • Polo brand shirts – see teenager
  • swimming trunks – at least 2 pair
  • Action figure – I reward him for his good grades – these things come like 10 in a bag for $3 – I keep a treasure box through out the year
  • Khaki pants for Easter
  • age appropriate books

The Little Girl

  • Easter dress
  • Easter shoes, maybe – the good shoes go quick
  • 2-3 swimsuits
  • sandals – see reason for shoes above
  • Jean shorts
  • Shorts and shirts in the same like color scheme so I can mix and match I may look for a certain number but generally I don’t – I tell you why later
  • 3-5 sun dresses – loves dresses
  • 3-5 short shorts to wear under the dresses

That list looks long but its really not. By having this list I can go to the designated rack or basket for each child size or item. I pick up any and everything that fits the bill. I am that mom at the rack like…..



Once I have all the items I can find from my list, I go to on of the open tables usually located toward the front at Rhea Lana’s. I sort through my items. Before I came, I knew I was working with a specific budget. This is where I make decisions on whether I purchase all, some or none of the items. They must meet the threshold of Shopping Consignment 101. If they don’t, then I do no buy it. This keeps me from over spending and over buying.

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Once you have purchased your items for nearly what you may pay for 5 of those items total, you will feel like a boss! And guess what? YOU ARE!

Have you discovered more tips? Let me know! Getting better at this is always a positive!

Remember: YOU GOT THIS!

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy,


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