Give Dad the Blue Ribbon Award!

Does the Dad in your home have a weakness for soda or popcorn? Let Dad splurge this Father’s Day with a gift of his favorite treats. Help the kiddos make this easy blue ribbon craft and stick it on Dad’s favorite soda, popcorn, or both.

You will need:

Blue paper

Yellow paper



Large jar lid



To make:

Simply trace a jar lid and cut out two circles.

Next cut out 12 strips of paper, each about an inch wide and 4 inches long.

Fold but don’t crease ten of the strips and glue the ends together like in the picture.

Cut a triangle out of the bottom of each of the remaining strips.

Write your message on one of the circles.

Flip it over and glue the blue ribbon pieces on the back of the circle. Make sure you are leaving enough over the edge.

Glue the second circle on the back to help secure you ribbon. Try not to get glue all over the back like we did. Luckily it dries clear. 🙂

Now you can tape or glue your bow to your treats and give Dad is his award! What Dad doesn’t love a good snack?


  1. Mommying And More says:

    love this idea!

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