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A little over two years ago, I hosted a baby shower for a close friend of mine. As I was scrolling through Pinterest, gathering ideas to ensure that my friends baby shower was successful, I ran across a pin that suggested books over cards. I pinned the idea and carried on with my planning. 

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I follow tradition when it comes to gift giving for birthdays and other celebrations. I tend to buy sentimental greeting cards to go along with a gift. However, the idea of giving a book over a card just stuck with me. 

Books over cards made me think, if people are anything like me then they probably just discard greeting cards or just maybe, they recycle them.

I decided to set my traditional ways aside and ask the guests of the baby shower I was hosting to bring a book with a personalized message written inside. My pitch was that this generous act of kindness would assist the parents in building a library for the baby’s nursery. 

sample invite asking for books at baby shower sample invite asking for books at baby shower

Giving a book with a personalized message becomes a special keepsake. It takes the greeting card which is an easily overlooked and forgotten gift to another level. 

I’m still amazed at how successful this was. Some guests brought cards, anyway. Yet, this did not overshadow the books. The guests that brought books  really loved the idea of the child keeping the book and reading their special message for years to come. 

photo credit // Pinterest photo credit // Pinterest

I enjoy showering people that I love with gifts for any occasion. Once I discovered how big of a hit books over cards was, I have not purchased another greeting card. I simply substitute the greeting card for a book for any occasion and write a meaningful message in it just as if it were a greeting card. 

I am a self proclaimed frugal finder. I always try to find a good deal. Children’s birthday parties and baby showers will always come around. I decided to create my own gifting book stash. 

I have discovered that Rhea Lana’s consignment events are a great place to purchase like new books. The books there are always in excellent shape. They always have a very hefty book selection. I have purchased many books for my children and my gifting book stash from Rhea Lana’s. 

Books really do make wonderful gifts, not only for avid readers but also for the people in your life. The right book for the right occasion can create a lasting and memorable gift that will be cherished for years to come. I hope you’ll consider books over cards! 

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