Becoming a Better Consignor

Over the years as I have been a mother I found more ways to make extra money. One of of my favorite ways to make money is to sell my kids clothes at consignment sales. I have been using Rhea Lana’s Consignment events since my 15 year old was a baby. Now that I have three children, selling and shopping have become a way of filling their clothing needs at certain times a year. 

Rhea Lana’s is a consignment event hosted in 24 states with nearly 80 events happening twice a year for fall/winter and spring/summer.  Moms are encouraged to resell their children’s gently used items and then in turn can shop these events for quality items at an inexpensive price. Just to be clear: Moms can make money and save money. Check out their website for times to consign or shop at upcoming events near you.

As I have been a consignor, year to year I have gotten better at it and can almost make sure to sell 75-80% of my items. I have developed a few tips and tricks to insure my time is not wasted in reselling my children’s clothes and toys. 

wrinkle free
wrinkle free
group items together to make an outfit
group items together to make an outfit
  1. Make sure all items are clean. This includes toys, shoes, clothes and really anything that you want someone to purchase from you. Let’s be honest. Your items are already used and no one wants to purchase something that appears dirty. All clothes and shoes can be washed in the washer. Toys can and should be wiped over, preferably with a clorox wipe. The better an items and looks and smells will increase the chances of its sell. 
  2. No wrinkles. Make sure clothes are free of wrinkles. When parents are shopping consignment they know they are getting used clothes but they are hoping to find quality used clothes. Wrinkle free clothing will help them choose your quality clothes. If you think about it, you would feel the same way even when purchasing new clothes. A better presentation makes for an easier sell.
  3. Group items together for a bigger impact on the shopper. I have found that if I group items together, they sell faster. Good times to group together are like shirts – two short sleeve character t-shirts, 3 pair of toddler shoes or an outfit which includes a shirt and shorts/pants. When parents are shopping this will feel like a bargain. And it should be. Your whole goal is to get a someone to purchase your items. A shopper will more than likely purchase multiple shoes for $10 than one pair of shoes for $10.
  4. Price your items modestly. You have to price them to sell. Do not price your child’s christening outfit $5 less than what you paid for it and expect it to sell just because of what it means to you. No one else is going to look at it that way. Let me suggest that you set sentimental items aside. Focus on what you can and are willing to let go. I suggest you price items at a price point that you would no mind purchasing a use items for. Rhea Lana has a nice guide that can help you with this part of consigning. It is the most important in my opinion.  
Rhea Lana's suggested pricing guide
Rhea Lana’s suggested pricing guide

You have to put your self in the shopper shoes when consigner. If your goal is to make more money for your family you have to consign smart. Follow these tips I’ve developed for myself through the years. You should walk away with less clutter and money in your pocket.

Have you discovered more tips? Let me know! Getting better at this is always a positive! 

Remember: YOU GOT THIS!

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy, 



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